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Astrology is a Science!

This is an age old debate which is still going on and seems to take a little longer to reach a universal conclusion. People have experienced the astrological effect but they can not digest using mind bent due to modern education. This is due to unavailability of empirical data to satisfy the logical mind. Ms. Nita asked an astrologer in 2015 about her marriage, who after doing calculations based on her birth details provides her an answer that she will get married in June 2018. Nita never understood or believed completely as how June 2018 appeared from a calculation. When she got married in June 2018, Nita started believing it to be true but never able to defend the astrology in front of friends, as she had no data to prove her point but just her individual experience.

The modern day dilemma “Astrology – Myth or Science”

In the current world there are so many people having individual experiences and believe in astrology, but they can’t justify due to lack of data. Taaraka took the initiative to collate the data based on analytics to see through collective impact of an astrological rules. There are so many rules in astrology like chemistry and there are exceptions too, which at times are overlooked by an experienced astrologer and the prediction goes wrong. Applying astrological rules are like doing a chemistry experiment and if one changes any ingredient or its concentration, the result will go haywire.


Taaraka has provided life insights to people using Machine learning and Artificial intelligence based on the details provided by the user. Taaraka provided users with options to Like/Dislike or Agree/Disagree any insight, which resulted in remarkably good results. Taaraka users agreed with around 73% insights and disagreed with 27% insights and for Like/Dislike category Taaraka users liked 78% insights, wherein total data collected was fifty thousand and seven hundred (50,700).

Taaraka will continue providing life insights to the user and validate the rules of astrology. Taaraka is empowered with machine learning and Artificial intelligence to provide customised daily insights and based on the feedback of the user, enhances accuracy of the insights and prepare the astrology for the test of scientific rigour.

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Universe: As above, So below

This ancient dictum is the basis of all esoteric science. What is in the universe is a representation of what we have on earth.

Physics evolved basis this dictum and what we learn from quantum physics is applied to understand the universal phenomena. What Astrology does is, apply universal phenomena to our existence on earth.

We exist in a perfectly balanced universe, where all phenomena ruled by a cause-effect theory and what happens in Universe is not a standalone event. What causes them above will have an impact on everything below i.e. from subatomic to galaxies.

Universe is our “Alma mater” 

When a person is born, the existence of universe at that moment is representation of body and mind. Physical laws operate on universe will have the same impact on all, which is the cause of all actions and the effect will depend on the entity. As all know the same force cannot result in the same effect on everything and is much dependent on individual constitution of the subject. Astrological rules are based on this principle and taking unique identity of individual, provides the effect of a universal cause on them.

Taaraka takes the birth details like “place of birth, time of birth and date of birth” to calculate the universal representation on the individual during birth. It assess the physical, emotional and spiritual composition of a person and uses the astrological principles to decode the life path of the individual.

Taaraka uses the principles of data analytics and Artificial Intelligence on the astrological principle and universal phenomena coupled with unique identity of individual to provide the customised insights.

Put stars in your pocket. Try the Taaraka app and let us know how you feel about it. Download link: https://taarakatech.app.link/C21xQeBF9X. App is available on Google Play store and App Store

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Mathematics and Astrology

Mathematics is the language of physics and what is physics is the study of behavioural pattern driven by natural laws of the universe. Consider a day when all the research papers are lost and we left with only physical laws, a state of anarchy right? The anarchist will challenge every law from Einstein’s theory of relativity to Newton’s Law of motion. How will you prove the existence and the applicability of those laws, obvious choice will be empirical data in a rigour of experimental setup and if such experiments need year to gather empirical data, then the validity of physical laws will be in a state of hypothesis?

History of Mathematics

Let’s take a tour to ancient Hindu, Greek and Roman times, when physics was not a subject of study, was mathematics existed? Yes is the obvious answer, as we know our history. What was the purpose of mathematics should be asked then, as language without a context is meaningless. All ancient sages and seers developed mathematics for calculation of star, were they fool or had no work to do, so they devoted precious time to study motions of stars? As we all know that until it impacts our daily lives, individually or collectively, we don’t dwell in any field of study.

Proof of Astrology

Astrology is indisputably an age old knowledge, has one component as mathematics, and the goal of Astrology is study the law of nature to predict the future and understand the past. The ambit of Astrology is bigger than physics, which is just a branch of science and deals with physical plane. However, Astrology deals with physical, emotional and spiritual plane of existence of the universe. Unfortunately all the research is lost and we left with rules and laws of nature, which bar astrology from being recognised as science.

Taaraka – a technological approach towards astrology

Taaraka is determined to put forth the empirical validity of existing laws of Astrology using the cutting edge analytics and artificial intelligence, which will render the mammoth task of decades in few years to establish the validity. First challenge is infusion of imperfect laws in the course of time, which has to be taken out of the system. Second is perfecting the corrupted laws by modifying them in the realm of astrology. Third and foremost challenge is to translate the mathematical model of astrology in human understandable language for real life application.

Taaraka is putting endeavours to provide insights to people using mathematical model, analytics and artificial intelligence, which is being validated by the users and Taaraka is using the empirical data to provide a more accurate insight to “You” based on your response.

You can download the Taaraka app: https://taarakatech.app.link/C21xQeBF9X


Let’s Be Creative with Science

When I was little, Sundays were always a day to remember. Filled with afternoon intellectual science quizzes with Dad, surfing through mythological television shows with Grandma, and constructing sand castles with my brother. These were the times to remember, as well as the time to learn. Every Sunday we would take a break from regular toothpaste and make homemade toothpaste with pure mustard oil and salt granules. My Dad taught us the benefits of natural ingredients though all I really cared about was how good it tasted.

The turnaround

Twenty years later amid one of those “Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai?” (Does your toothpaste have salt in it?) commercials, I reminisced of the times when I used hing (asafoetida) for my upset stomach and ash to wash hands during camping trips. Salt in toothpastes, dirt and ash in soaps and beauty packs, everything is making a comeback.

Especially science in nature.

The first to take advantage of this were the big western conglomerates as they spread across metropolitan areas throughout India. Even though they earlier sold to us the idea of how their products, infused with chemicals and packaged in bright colors were the only way to go. According to them, their products were cleaner, more efficient and revolutionary against the ancient homeopathic ways of medicinal India.  While there were definite improvements in our infrastructure and society through western integration and globalization, there were caveats to chemicals and cons to conformity.

Two sides of a coin

While Western science gave us modern medicine it created resistant strains of microorganisms, becoming increasingly elusive to contend against. It gave us faster means of transportation while slowly killing the planet that we live on. It gave us means to produce more food while polluting the very soil our food comes from. What else did western science get wrong? What else did it ignore or hide from the world to feed its capitalistic hunger? What else did our ancestors have right from the very beginning?

The three pillars of ancient Indian society – Ayurveda, Yoga and Astrology

The three aspects of life that humans have been attempting to illuminate are: Body, Mind and Soul.

The betterment of these three is what we have all been working towards since the hunter-gatherer era blossomed into its cycle of renaissances. Ancient India pioneered the movement in providing guiding tools for all its human counterparts to achieve the same. And it began with an insight into the body.

Ayurveda (Wellbeing of the body)

Image Source: Pixabay

Ayurvedic disciplines sparked never before seen natural remedies for a plethora of bodily disorders as well as a systematic maintenance using products that didn’t come from a factory across the ocean, but in the soil and gardens of our Mother Earth. They worked slowly, steadily and permanently.

Yoga (Wellbeing of the mind)

Image Source: Pixabay

Though we often think of health and wholeness as it pertains to our hearts and lungs and BMI, the yogis have always known that true wellbeing begins with the mind. Yoga as it has been accepted in todays definition in a spiritual and postural exercise and routine began back with the Vedas in meditation. A quintessential combination of oneness in mind as well as in body breathes back beyond the days of the yoga mat and into something much deeper within. Where one cannot exist without the other.

Astrology (Wellbeing of the soul)

Image Source: Backgroundcheckall.com

The constructs of Indian astrology dates back to just after the onset of Yoga itself. Some say it is the keystone that unites the other two pillars together. Ancient Indian societies basking under zero light pollution skies and with zero dank memes to distract them, fled to the stars in the search for answers which can conclude the birth of Astrology. These pillars are the foundation upon which the holistic nature our ancestors had towards life as it stands today.

After decades of foreign ideologies attempting to harmonize our practice, Western science ultimately accepted its framework. Yoga, as we all know after initially being dismissed as an Eastern societal hocus-pocus has been accepted and proliferated across a growing global market. Repackaged and supplemented, split into various forms and fed to the masses as a new age, comprehensive and life-changing workout. The ayurvedic discipline itself has become a selling point through an incessant branding and though we are unable to escape its watered-down availability as a top shelf commodity, its accessibility speaks of the true constitution of its effectiveness.

The same principles of awareness and expansion apply to astrology. Struck across by many as a pseudoscience, countless followers throughout the world come to know the possibilities and fruits of the answers it provides.

Patterns in astrological texts were considered a scientific means from the Indus Valley to South East Asia and from Greek communities down to the Iberian peninsula for centuries. Even within the realm of the scientific method, ‘reality’ is more complicated than a simple yes or no.

Art and science can coexist

Astrology is considered as much an art as it is science by its practitioners as was by its founders. That must have been difficult to understand for western science which functions through highly linear argumentation. It was either ‘for this’ or ‘for that’ with which nonbelievers embezzled from us the freedom to be creative with our sciences.

For these highly developed ancient societies, it was often a blend of ‘this’ and ‘that’ which proved to be the most creative approach to science. It led the ancient societies of Sumeria, Egypt, Babylon into making such marvellous discoveries and breakthroughs that we still hold true today. The wheel, the sundial and the forge are a few of the fundamental examples that exist because of the artist’s experimentation, belief, and approach to reason.

Numerous sundials, temples and buildings were constructed to house worship and the study of the cosmos. The biggest example of this blend and balance between science and art is the conceptualisation and erection of the Pyramids of Giza. The capability to achieve the exactitude of their geocentric position, structural integrity and immense size of pyramids still baffles the experts when using sheer logic alone.

It cannot explain really how something so monumental could have been built thousands of years ago without modern knowledge and technology. Quite simply put, the cosmos dictated our lives for the ancient societies, so the stars and planets became Gods; an identity placed upon them to attribute their movements and interactions upon our chemical nature. The world was balanced just right.

Science wasn’t a strict set of rules that lacked imagination, it was a percentage of art and a percentage of common sense that brought about an equilibrium to the world. Not everything had to be broken down into systems and structures of rationale, somethings were just acquired because they worked, moulding the world into the world we have today.

Towards a better society

Just as ayurveda and yoga have helped hundreds of millions of people, the science of astrology has brought about the art of our coexistence with our cosmic identification of the elements.
Studying the night sky painstakingly and recording the patterns of celestial bodies is the science. Deducting the effect of these same celestial bodies on us is the craft. Astrology has the facility to aid awareness and make better informed decisions concerning our lives both now and in the times to come. If something helps humanity, it simply does!

It is now up to us to ask if we had got it right in the first place, to conduct the search both within and around. And like the Sundays constructing sandcastles with my brother, the pillars of our spiritual arts built within the sandbox of the scientific landscape has shaped the very world we live in.


Taaraka: Putting the Stars in Your Pocket

Although a majority of information is available over the internet, astrological information and advice is still restricted to traditional formats.

Traditionally and even today, one must set aside time to meet a qualified astrologer, pay huge sums of money for advice and most inconveniently, travel to meet their cosmic guide. Often, astrologers provide insight about our lives only when we are in their presence. The convenience of a qualified expert by your side during times of crisis, or times when major decisions need to be made, comes at a significant time and monetary cost.

There are apps that will create your astrological chart or kundli for you, but you would still require a professional to interpret the data. Although these applications can create your chart, they are unable to interpret data, give you advice, answer questions or make you aware of the influence certain celestial bodies have on your life. Often your astrologer will refer to specific planetary positions when giving you advice. It is almost impossible to know the full extent of the effects unless you are qualified to interpret astrological charts.

What if there was a way to have your personal astrologer available to you at all times? What if, all questions about your life could be answered within a matter of minutes, at a time and place that is convenient to you? What if you had access to all this information, in plain english, minus the technical language that usually accompanies astrological information?

If you agreed to any of the questions above, you are in the right place. Taaraka’s vision is to make astrological information available to everyone, in a language that anyone can understand.

Artificial Intelligence technology has permeated nearly every layer of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Some of the most common applications of this technology include Machine Learning (ML) wherein computers, devices and software perform cognitive tasks similar to those performed by the human brain. One everyday example that employs ML is commute prediction (GPS) and online transportation (Uber, Ola, other ride-share platforms).

The quest for a solution through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in sifting through large quantities of data is the ethos behind the creation of Taaraka Technologies. Our solution to these problems is a cutting edge platform powered by an AI system that focuses on correlation which will improve its accuracy over time.

An important distinction exists between traditional western science and Vedic Astrology. While the traditional scientific community observes phenomena through the lens of cause and effect, the science of astrology lies within co-relating planetary positions to the occurence of events by evaluating historical data.

Since Vedic Astrology is the science of correlation between planetary positions and time based events, it made sense for us to build a platform that provides you with astrological insights based on this principle. The platform takes shape as a powerful app that lives on your smartphone, learns based on your input and becomes more accurate over time as you agree or disagree with the daily insights it provides. This is where the science of astrology meets the science of data analytics. The only information you would need to provide is your name, email, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. The algorithm along with our team of astrological and data science experts takes care of the rest.

As Taaraka is made up of a powerful machine learning engine, with a team of astrological experts behind the scenes; along with your free daily insights, you may request a one-on-one session with an expert at any time. Although this personalised service is available for a nominal fee, the rest of Taaraka’s services including the app itself, remain free of charge. Download the app to have exclusive access to your stars whenever you need it.


These are the Most Intelligent Zodiac Signs

Zodiac, In Astrology signs mark our personality, attitude, as well as our intelligence. This is said to be based on the ability to solve everyday problems, analytical thinking and the ability to understand situations.

In order to make a good list of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac, we have done a preliminary study of each one of them, and then we have created a selection, not without understanding that all the signs are intelligent in their own way and that there are different types of intelligence. If you want to know which the smartest Zodiac signs are, go on read below:

Libra: The Solution Finder:

The in-built nature of Libra souls is they tend to please everyone, as they hate getting into unnecessary arguments. However, they are quite conscious about their personal appearance to get appreciation. They often seem to be shallow, but indeed they are keen observers. They love reading books, the habit of making good Friends and are not easily be fooled by others. They hold plenty of brainpower to insight more in getting knowledge and complemented by deep thinking.

Aquarius: The Most Understanding:

Aquarius is one of the smartest signs because of its ability to see and understand the situation. That makes them one of the most tolerant and free of prejudices of the entire Zodiac. They love to listen to others and to know the truth because they know that everyone can learn something from others. This is a sign that knows what it wants and, therefore achieves it.

Virgo: The Critic And Analyst:

Virgos are able to analyse in the most complicated situations. They are methodical, very logical and they think twice before taking any steps. They are witty, smart and, in general, very efficient in everything they do.

Leo: The King Of Cunning:

Leo is another of the smartest Zodiac signs. They are governed a lot by their intuition and their great cunning, and that often leads them to achieve success in everything that they get in. Leo personalities are strong and do not give up before the obstacles in a natural way. They are even known as born fighters so are always, although they let themselves be carried away by hunches and uses head before taking action.

Gemini: Dual Intelligence:

It is popularly considered one of the most intelligent Zodiacal signs for its duality and ability to analyze situations from two different points of view. However, this duality can lead a Gemini to disaster if you just get carried away by one of the sides. However, in general, Gemini always ends up finding the balance and resolving their own conflicts and those of third parties with ease and harmony. Gemini are social butterflies so are great helpers and listeners as well.


10 Personality Traits of April Born Which Make Them Sweetest Of All

The best way to describe people born in this period of the year in one line is “extremes in all emotions.” Below are 10 Personality Traits of April Born people

1. Sensitive And Caring:

They are people with fragile emotions, who follow their heart at the right moments. Often their way of doing certain activities induces a freshness aura wherever they go. Others know how to appreciate their advice, mainly in the workplace, as they basically do not find a rival.

2. Handsome And Sensual Souls:

According to Astrology these types of people can seduce you deeply to achieve anything, be it material or emotional. Not for being manipulators, but for the halo of irresistible beauty that they give off, as well as their confidence.

3. Brave Borns:

They are very extroverted and firm beings, as they know that they have to escape from their comfort zone in order to grow. They have a wide range of knowledge, resources, and efforts, especially if it is something that can benefit a loved one. If you ask them for help, they will not rest until they find a solution. When you face any difficulty, do not hesitate to count on them.

4. Great Friends, True Bondings:

Friendship is a fundamental part of their lives. Although they have many individuals in their environment, they tend to strengthen ties with everyone strongly. Each of them takes place in their lives, which is quite admirable. If you are the best friend of a person born in April, you should know that you have a real treasure. If your relationship lasts more than five years, be sure it can last forever.

5. Controlled By Other Zodiacal Forces:

Aries and Mars are dual powers that greatly influence this type of beings. Sometimes this makes them impatient and somewhat destructive. Depending on the day of the month and the situation they can respond in a very different way, but the truth is that more than once they can “lose their roles.”

6. The Most Usual Careers:

They usually opt for job opportunities or studies related to sports, engineering, or some type of military service. You may be thinking that these professions do not have much to do with each other; it is characteristic of April, and that they are very versatile. Their concerns may vary from night to morning, but when they focus on something they dedicate themselves 100%. Does it match you? Tell us, and we are interested.

7. Impatient And Confused:

When they become impatient all their problems begin. And often they are not able to understand that they cannot force life to give those answers. They have to create a path of their own and find their own ideas without getting lost. Once they have respected these procedures, their experiences will stop bothering them so much.

8. Persistent:

These people always believe in trial and error, and they don’t stop trying until they get it, no matter what. Anything that entrusts to them will be finished. If they do not get it, their self-esteem can be damaged, and can get into a depressive mental state. However, they know that they will recover their strength soon to continue trying to achieve any desired objective.

9. Assets, Active And Energetic:

These people are always full of energy. This is a rare quality that not many people possess. Being close to one of them transmits good and positive vibrations and makes you feel more confident during the day. That’s why they are usually great bosses, and they know how to treat others and inspire them to work as hard as they do.

10. To Be Healthy: Do Not Go Overboard:

People born in April give a lot of themselves to their work that when it comes to their personal life, they tend to overdo it by eating or drinking too much, they party too often and they are usually imprudent. They have to make sure they do not take their health for granted and take unnecessary risks.


The Birth of Astrology

‘The Ancient Ones,’ let’s call them that because it sounds mysterious and fun.

A blog about astrology should be full of fun and mystery. Isn’t it?

But really, I am just referring to our ancestors, way back in time, but humans just like us, with an inquisitive mind and a thirst for knowledge in this extremely chaotic and confusing world.

”What to binge watch next on Netflix?”

”What to do over the weekend?”

”Should I continue eating donuts like there is no tomorrow or should I be scared of diabetes because my dad is diabetic?”

These are the questions that bug me and my generation when my mind is idle. Those are also the days when all of us regular people end up thinking about life, it’s meaning and other such questions. Don’t we?

Well, ‘The Ancient Ones’ could not browse memes when they got bored. They could not jump in a car and go to a cafe whenever they got restless. They could not have heated arguments about Friends V/S HIMYM. Sad!

Aside from the fact that they died super young because of lack of modern medicine, ‘The Ancient Ones’ had a lot of time on their hands and way fewer distractions. Hence, they did all sorts of other things like performing grand rituals everyday, write epics, make from scratch everything from food to furniture, judge people excessively and think about things that we rarely give any thought to.

That brings me to what this blog is really about. The ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, China and India have been practicing the art of studying the Sun and planets and their influence on human affairs and in turn other worldly events since 2nd millenium BCE.

I feel that they knew that the human race wasn’t evolved enough to figure out the meaning of life so they looked up to the cosmos to find answers to these very important questions.

‘The Ancient-er Ones’ had already noticed that the planets, Sun and other stars all had a pattern to their movement so they started recording them. Comparing the movement of celestial bodies to the various natural phenomenon occurring on our planet led to the recording of time, tides and seasons. This gave our ancestors an upper hand at being able to predict the ‘mood of nature’ which had been a complete mystery up until then. They were able to predict most natural occurrences with more precision which in turn helped them with the most vital part of human survival and settlement – Growing and harvesting Food Crops.

Every other necessity was easily met with because these societies were rich. However, the growing population needed food in surplus which needed water to grow. Being able to predict timely rains or a delay in the monsoons thus became a necessity for settled colonies.

But just like the modern weather department, they were wrong at times. It was really easy to blame it on angry Gods and evil spirits. So, that’s that!

Celestial bodies were Gods that decided the fate of the vast planet Earth and everything that went on here so why couldn’t these same observable Gods not decide the fate of humans too?

It was obvious to The Ancient Ones that if they could study the cosmos and predict the next rainfall, they could also study the same to figure out if The Ancient One – Chandra, would be able to have another baby or if it was okay for The Ancient One – Mansukh, to go for his work trip or if it would be inauspicious for him.

For the first time, ancient humans, in their quest for the meaning of life, chose to look up to the cosmos for answer.

Astrology was born.