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Taaraka: Putting the Stars in Your Pocket

Although a majority of information is available over the internet, astrological information and advice is still restricted to traditional formats.

Traditionally and even today, one must set aside time to meet a qualified astrologer, pay huge sums of money for advice and most inconveniently, travel to meet their cosmic guide. Often, astrologers provide insight about our lives only when we are in their presence. The convenience of a qualified expert by your side during times of crisis, or times when major decisions need to be made, comes at a significant time and monetary cost.

There are apps that will create your astrological chart or kundli for you, but you would still require a professional to interpret the data. Although these applications can create your chart, they are unable to interpret data, give you advice, answer questions or make you aware of the influence certain celestial bodies have on your life. Often your astrologer will refer to specific planetary positions when giving you advice. It is almost impossible to know the full extent of the effects unless you are qualified to interpret astrological charts.

What if there was a way to have your personal astrologer available to you at all times? What if, all questions about your life could be answered within a matter of minutes, at a time and place that is convenient to you? What if you had access to all this information, in plain english, minus the technical language that usually accompanies astrological information?

If you agreed to any of the questions above, you are in the right place. Taaraka’s vision is to make astrological information available to everyone, in a language that anyone can understand.

Artificial Intelligence technology has permeated nearly every layer of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Some of the most common applications of this technology include Machine Learning (ML) wherein computers, devices and software perform cognitive tasks similar to those performed by the human brain. One everyday example that employs ML is commute prediction (GPS) and online transportation (Uber, Ola, other ride-share platforms).

The quest for a solution through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in sifting through large quantities of data is the ethos behind the creation of Taaraka Technologies. Our solution to these problems is a cutting edge platform powered by an AI system that focuses on correlation which will improve its accuracy over time.

An important distinction exists between traditional western science and Vedic Astrology. While the traditional scientific community observes phenomena through the lens of cause and effect, the science of astrology lies within co-relating planetary positions to the occurence of events by evaluating historical data.

Since Vedic Astrology is the science of correlation between planetary positions and time based events, it made sense for us to build a platform that provides you with astrological insights based on this principle. The platform takes shape as a powerful app that lives on your smartphone, learns based on your input and becomes more accurate over time as you agree or disagree with the daily insights it provides. This is where the science of astrology meets the science of data analytics. The only information you would need to provide is your name, email, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. The algorithm along with our team of astrological and data science experts takes care of the rest.

As Taaraka is made up of a powerful machine learning engine, with a team of astrological experts behind the scenes; along with your free daily insights, you may request a one-on-one session with an expert at any time. Although this personalised service is available for a nominal fee, the rest of Taaraka’s services including the app itself, remain free of charge. Download the app to have exclusive access to your stars whenever you need it.


These are the Most Intelligent Zodiac Signs

Zodiac, In Astrology signs mark our personality, attitude, as well as our intelligence. This is said to be based on the ability to solve everyday problems, analytical thinking and the ability to understand situations.

In order to make a good list of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac, we have done a preliminary study of each one of them, and then we have created a selection, not without understanding that all the signs are intelligent in their own way and that there are different types of intelligence. If you want to know which the smartest Zodiac signs are, go on read below:

Libra: The Solution Finder:

The in-built nature of Libra souls is they tend to please everyone, as they hate getting into unnecessary arguments. However, they are quite conscious about their personal appearance to get appreciation. They often seem to be shallow, but indeed they are keen observers. They love reading books, the habit of making good Friends and are not easily be fooled by others. They hold plenty of brainpower to insight more in getting knowledge and complemented by deep thinking.

Aquarius: The Most Understanding:

Aquarius is one of the smartest signs because of its ability to see and understand the situation. That makes them one of the most tolerant and free of prejudices of the entire Zodiac. They love to listen to others and to know the truth because they know that everyone can learn something from others. This is a sign that knows what it wants and, therefore achieves it.

Virgo: The Critic And Analyst:

Virgos are able to analyse in the most complicated situations. They are methodical, very logical and they think twice before taking any steps. They are witty, smart and, in general, very efficient in everything they do.

Leo: The King Of Cunning:

Leo is another of the smartest Zodiac signs. They are governed a lot by their intuition and their great cunning, and that often leads them to achieve success in everything that they get in. Leo personalities are strong and do not give up before the obstacles in a natural way. They are even known as born fighters so are always, although they let themselves be carried away by hunches and uses head before taking action.

Gemini: Dual Intelligence:

It is popularly considered one of the most intelligent Zodiacal signs for its duality and ability to analyze situations from two different points of view. However, this duality can lead a Gemini to disaster if you just get carried away by one of the sides. However, in general, Gemini always ends up finding the balance and resolving their own conflicts and those of third parties with ease and harmony. Gemini are social butterflies so are great helpers and listeners as well.


10 Personality Traits of April Born Which Make Them Sweetest Of All

The best way to describe people born in this period of the year in one line is “extremes in all emotions.” Below are 10 Personality Traits of April Born people

1. Sensitive And Caring:

They are people with fragile emotions, who follow their heart at the right moments. Often their way of doing certain activities induces a freshness aura wherever they go. Others know how to appreciate their advice, mainly in the workplace, as they basically do not find a rival.

2. Handsome And Sensual Souls:

According to Astrology these types of people can seduce you deeply to achieve anything, be it material or emotional. Not for being manipulators, but for the halo of irresistible beauty that they give off, as well as their confidence.

3. Brave Borns:

They are very extroverted and firm beings, as they know that they have to escape from their comfort zone in order to grow. They have a wide range of knowledge, resources, and efforts, especially if it is something that can benefit a loved one. If you ask them for help, they will not rest until they find a solution. When you face any difficulty, do not hesitate to count on them.

4. Great Friends, True Bondings:

Friendship is a fundamental part of their lives. Although they have many individuals in their environment, they tend to strengthen ties with everyone strongly. Each of them takes place in their lives, which is quite admirable. If you are the best friend of a person born in April, you should know that you have a real treasure. If your relationship lasts more than five years, be sure it can last forever.

5. Controlled By Other Zodiacal Forces:

Aries and Mars are dual powers that greatly influence this type of beings. Sometimes this makes them impatient and somewhat destructive. Depending on the day of the month and the situation they can respond in a very different way, but the truth is that more than once they can “lose their roles.”

6. The Most Usual Careers:

They usually opt for job opportunities or studies related to sports, engineering, or some type of military service. You may be thinking that these professions do not have much to do with each other; it is characteristic of April, and that they are very versatile. Their concerns may vary from night to morning, but when they focus on something they dedicate themselves 100%. Does it match you? Tell us, and we are interested.

7. Impatient And Confused:

When they become impatient all their problems begin. And often they are not able to understand that they cannot force life to give those answers. They have to create a path of their own and find their own ideas without getting lost. Once they have respected these procedures, their experiences will stop bothering them so much.

8. Persistent:

These people always believe in trial and error, and they don’t stop trying until they get it, no matter what. Anything that entrusts to them will be finished. If they do not get it, their self-esteem can be damaged, and can get into a depressive mental state. However, they know that they will recover their strength soon to continue trying to achieve any desired objective.

9. Assets, Active And Energetic:

These people are always full of energy. This is a rare quality that not many people possess. Being close to one of them transmits good and positive vibrations and makes you feel more confident during the day. That’s why they are usually great bosses, and they know how to treat others and inspire them to work as hard as they do.

10. To Be Healthy: Do Not Go Overboard:

People born in April give a lot of themselves to their work that when it comes to their personal life, they tend to overdo it by eating or drinking too much, they party too often and they are usually imprudent. They have to make sure they do not take their health for granted and take unnecessary risks.