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Astrology – Necessity or Luxury?

Every newspaper and magazine has a small, dedicated column for ‘horoscope’ of the day or the month. People sign up for their daily horoscopes to be delivered right into their inbox everyday.  “What’s going to happen tomorrow?”, is a thought that crosses everyones mind, doesn’t it? Even book stores have a dedicated section on astrology. This is a clear sign that people, at large, believe in this field.

Astrology over the years

Astrology has for long been known as a ‘divine’ art and science of deterring the past, the present and a course for the future, by studying the various planets and their positions based on an individual’s date, time and place of birth. This divine science has been studied in various civilisations for over thousands of years and people still practise, teach and believe in it.

However, one question that people often ask is “Is it a necessity or luxury?” Let’s begin answering this is one step at a time. Consider a scenario where an individual is struggling with ill health and sudden financial trouble. If the individual is on his/her way to sort out the problems at hand, it makes logical sense to find his/her way out of the mess he/she is in. Opting to see an astrologer at this point in time will make the service provided by the astrologer, a luxury and also not the most logical thing to do at that point in time.

But, consider the same person mentioned above who is now back on his/her feet, both physically and financially. If this individual visits an astrologer now to understand how his/her planets are placed and what might befall him/her in the future or how to avoid the problems similar to the ones in the past, it is more remedial as well as a guidance. The individual can now take the necessary steps to prevent any untoward occurring that can negatively impact his/her life in future. In this scenario, we cannot call astrology a luxury as it is helping one lead a more meaningful, purposeful life.

Astrology gives more than one reasons to believe in it. Our human mind is constantly wondering “why is this happening?”, “why is this like that?”, “why am I like this?”, and many more such questions. These questions cannot always be answered logically and often stresses people out. Astrology helps answer these questions, and gives a more detailed picture about why is a situation or person as they are. Not just when someone is in a particular situation, but astrology actually can help in one’s everyday life, to dodge those unwanted bullets that can take your life on a negative detour.

If you came here wondering if astrology is a luxury, we are sure you now know that astrology, at the right time, is actually a necessity in life.

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Vedic Astrology – Conceptual Decoding!

Everyone is interested in knowing what will they face in daily life. Let us now delve deeper into that, and have a better insight into our lives through planetary positions as per vedic astrology. Planets from the cosmos guide our lives in a particular direction. Your luck and karma depend on the events happening in your life. Sometimes you will be super lucky, to have things and sometimes you will experience the worst nightmare.

You will understand more of Vedic astrology and the app that states accurate insights. Isn’t it interesting? That you can now have this technology where things are coming to you.

Also, technology plays an important part in bringing the decoding of the planetary positions to you over an application. People who believe in science will understand that technology is growing faster than we imagine. We have made the most use of technology and invented this app. It’s an extraordinary effort to understand certain life events.

The use of Vedic Astrology


Jyotisha is a traditional Hindu system of astrology also called as Vedic astrology. Now in the times of Ramayana and Mahabharata, electional astrology, omens, dreams, and physiognomy was used more. This does not mean they had elections before planning any event. It simply is a branch of astrology, where the auspiciousness of the time is seen first and then the event is planned. Now comes various fields parallel to astrology which are stated below.

There are various fields people believe in some of them are, horoscope, palmistry, numerology, and Vastu. Even though these fields are different and interesting in their way, they provide accurate predictions of life events based on your astrological details. Whether to follow or not is completely your decision, but the Taaraka astrology app works for the betterment of your life with accuracy in daily insights.

Karma is shadow

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If you did something wrong with some person, knowingly or unknowingly. You won’t think, So what, nothing bad will happen to me. Here comes the philosophy of karma into the picture. Karma is taught to us right from our childhood. Hence we firmly believe that, if you do bad things to others, bad things will happen to you sooner or later. 

Although we follow this dictum, we unwittingly fall prey to our baser selves. According to astrologers, our judgment is corrupted by the negative influence of the planets. Hence, we err as humans. The best way to avoid negativity in your life is to understand the science of planetary positions and their impact on us. In other words, it is best to know the enigmatic science of Vedic astrology.

Taaraka – Unprecedented Life Insights


Astrology has something to say on account of your planetary positions from time to time. Taaraka, a free astrology app is based on AI technology with the expertise of astrological experts behind the scenes, they are making astrological content simple to understand for you. This is, however, a machine learning app, that takes all your actions on the app into account and gives you specific results that are based on the information you shared, just like an astrologer knowing your context in life predicts better for you. The fields important to fill after downloading Taaraka app are your name, birthdate, birthplace and time of birth. After this information is filled the app makes your kundali along with various astrological charts and datasets. To provide better insights the app does many calculations. Based on these calculations, your life insights are made. 

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