Technology empowers and expands the realms of Astrology

  • Taaraka Technologies is a company based out of Mumbai, India. While the new world of data seems more complex than ever, it pales in comparison with the complexity of the stars and the science of astrology. As new technologies evolve to solve myriad problems, applying and combining data analytics, machine learning and AI principles has the potential to reinvent the power of astrology for the contemporary.
  •  Astrology is a science of co-relating planetary positions and mathematical points derived from astronomical data to time-based events, whether at an individual level or at national scale, human interactions or natural phenomena.
  • When the world of Data Science is being applied to areas as wide-ranging as self-driving cars, voice controls, facial recognition, the relative positions of the planets and stars to each individual on the planet is an equally fascinating application of these AI and ML frameworks. The data sets are virtually infinite.
  • Taaraka is the vision of building a world-class team that translates the belief and ancient wisdom ensconced in the science of the stars to a handy set of functional tools that can guide everyone to navigate their daily lives, amidst ever-growing complexity!
  • Lets meet over a coffee and we'll tell you more about the path breaking stuff being built here at Taraaka! 🙂