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Astrology for Millennials

Vedic astrology is the source of wisdom for humankind from ancient times. The journey of astrology has been fascinating throughout the history of mankind. Since time immemorial, man has been pretty much greedy and a fast learner. This ever-increasing hunger has opened up a new era. Necessity is the mother of invention and necessity comes from imagination and knowledge of the existence of something.

The greatest gift for millennials is the invention of the internet, and now everyone can find information about a solution to his problem by using Google. This gift has been utilised by the millennials in the form of social media, information sharing, meme, photos and videos from around the globe.  

Millennials are always information hungry and as a result, this hunger makes them Digital Parasites. The more information coming to the way makes their minds more confused. Truth is what they seek more now.

The advent of technology and science to reach stars has made interesting progress. Now stars and planets are within the reach, which poses many questions in the mind of this information-hungry generation. The celestial powers, that once surrounded us, has also become one of the most interesting facts? 

We all think more and more about the impact of the universe around us, which makes us wonder if our ancestors have some information about the stars and planets. The obvious answer is, yes, they had the knowledge, in the form of astronomy and astrology. All astronomers of ancient times were great astrologers too, including Varahmihir. 

Millennials being an inquisitive breed wants to know more not only about the things around them but also about themselves. More access to information has filled them with the quest for knowledge. Astrology is the best medium to understand about a person’s journey through the path called life. The predictions made through astrology are based on the mathematical model and this scientific basis had made horoscope more interesting for the current generation.

Horoscopes are made using the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of an individual. Earlier, exact coordinates were not precisely available, and rigorous calculation had to be done by an astrologer to locate the place. The technology made it simple. Government regulation of recording time of birth also paved the way, as exact birth time was not available for a large population, especially lower strata of society.

Astrology being available through websites and apps are making access easier. The availability of books has made the millennials more interested in astrology, as they can read for themselves to understand authenticity. 

This step of astrology joining hands with technology has made lives so easy that millennials have more hunger for life insights. Having complete information or an outline of insight makes someone’s day. The concerned person either lives the day or prepare for it. Either way, it is the motivation to get better, which pumps some adrenaline. 

Millennials have evidently been the most versatile generation to date. The need of knowing what the future holds for them makes them magnetize towards astrology. 

Many of astrology apps give personalised and exclusive daily insights based on the data received from users, which mainly includes the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.  The service is provided at a convenient time and place with no need to visit an astrologer and get horoscope. Having a personal astrologer on the phone at all times is what millennials prefer and want. Taaraka is providing what millennials want and making them ready for the best of their future.


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