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Significance of Ishta Devata in Astrology

Do you know that Ishta Devata can also be deciphered from your horoscope using Vedic Astrology? Sanatan Dharma or how most people would like to put it “Hinduism” endorses the concept of Par-Brahman. One of its schools of philosophy called Advait Vedanta describes the supreme power as being formless “Nirguna Brahman”. While the ideas and description of the existence of the supreme power might differ from school to school but at the core, all would agree at the existence of energy or superpower which controls all events which take place in this materialistic world in which we thrive. 

In order to allow people to better relate to the complex concept of “Supreme Power,” different manifestations have been introduced to mankind which we prefer to call Devata and Devi. Every manifestation has a purpose or a domain which it supposedly practices control over or governs activities pertaining to it. Keeping up with the logic in Vedic astrology we have “Ishta Devata” a dedicated deity who helps individuals pacifying them to progress in life and attain Enlightenment.

It is to be highlighted that providing an Ishta Devata in Vedic Astrology to each zodiac sign was not done for any materialistic purposes and individuals of any ascendant or zodiac must not develop a notion that worshiping their Ishta Devata might help them in achieving materialistic gains or powers. The sole purpose of defining Ishta Devata was to encourage ascendants or people, in general, to channelize their energies in the right direction for which they need a point of focus. If your energies are channelized in the right direction, by worshiping your Ishta Devata then it is certain that you will rise above the conventional hullabaloo of this materialistic world and attain moksha. 

The process to ascertain Ishta Devata involves the D9 (Navmasa) which is also known as the chart of “Dharma”. Then further we take into account Karakamsa which is the AtmaKaraka’s sign placement in the D9 chart. The 12th house (the house of the emancipation of soul) from Karkamsa is used to ascertain the Ishta Devata. Hence, the involvement of the houses/charts of Dharma & Moksha signifies the relevance of ishta Devata in astrology. 

The exact method of Ishta Devata calculation is mentioned below: 

Step:1 – The planet with the highest degree is to be identified first in the D1 chart also known as Rashi or Lagna chart. To add further, the planet with the highest degree is called “AtmaKaraka” which acts as the guide of your soul and to put it differently the significator of soul. In the case of two planets having the same minutes then consider the planet with the higher seconds as the Atmakaraka. 

Step:2 – Once the Atmakaraka has been identified, move on to the D9 (Navmasa) chart and check the Rashi or sign in which the Atmakaraka is present. This placementin the D9 chart (Navamasa) is called the Karakmasha. 

Step:3 – Move 12 houses ahead of Karakmasha as ascertained in the D9 chart and assess the placement of planets in that house. This house is called the “Jivanmuktamsa” or the house which governs the emancipation of soul and helps you in attaining Moksha. 

On assessing the Jivanmuktamsa 1 out of the following three situations might arise: 

Case 1 – The house is occupied with one planet. 

Conclusion – The associated Devata will be the Ishta Devata 

Case 2 – The house is occupied with more than 1 planet 

Conclusion – We will have to consider all factors of Shadbala system, planetary wars etc. to assess which planet is the strongest and then the associated lord will be the ishta Devata. 

Case 3 – The house is empty 

Conclusion – Check for planetary aspects of the house, if some other planet has aspect on the house then its lord shall define the ishta Devata otherwise the Jivmuktamsa Rashi or Sign lord will help us in deciding the same. For more than one planet is aspecting, use the strongest planet out of them. 


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Planets and their Gemstones

The world of gemstones is completely phenomenal. The precious stones have always enticed the people from all walks of life. The stories of the stones hidden in the mines have been proven to be part and parcel of human life.

The kings, saints and affluent people in the ancient past had been talking about the value of the gemstones. In the modern days of human life, the influential politicos, business tycoons, prolific authors, notable film actors, and sports superstars not only talk about the gemstone but also wear ostentatiously.

You will find the celebrities, politicos, technocrats, bureaucrats and business giants are equipped with gemstones in their fingers or as a pendant to ward off the evil effects of the planets. You can easily find many examples of famous personalities wearing diamonds, sapphires, ruby, and pearls on the internet and also television.

Why the people wear gemstone 

There are versatile ranges of cause as to why people wear gemstones. The emperors and kings used to keep the precious stones in their treasury as the country’s wealth for the adversities they might confront.

The kings, queens, princes, aristocrats, and artisans used to wear the gemstone for the fashion or to fulfill their ornamental desire.

The story of the Kohinoor diamond is still fresh in the memory of the Indian people that they lost it to the British.

However, the saints and sages have different stories for you. The Vedic Rishis are of the opinion that wearing precious stones as a ring or pendant can bring good luck to the human being.

The use of stones for astrological purposes has been prevailing from time immemorial. The people used to wear the gemstone by getting astrological advice from the wise astrologer.

The impact of the lucky stones is ubiquitously acknowledged across the world. The world’s most notable figures like Anjelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, Amitabh Bachchan, A R Rehman, Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Ajay Devgan and many more do wear astrological gemstones.

Why you should wear your lucky stone

The gemstones are synonymous with the lucky stone and birthstone. Most of the people in the world do believe in the science of gemmology and the impact of the gemstone on fate and fortune.

The lucky stone helps to fight the unseen battle and keep the calamities at bay. As the human being is doomed to poverty, ailments, marital discord, childlessness, professional fiasco and social disgrace at any juncture of life, we require divine intervention in life. Although, there are multiple ranges of remedial measures are available in Vedic Indian astrology, precious gemstones are the frontline.

The gemstones have been acknowledged irrespective of caste, creed, faith, region, and religion. It has been accepted by the people from all walks of life as the lucky stone has no nexus with rituals. Here are a few reasons as to why you should wear gemstones.

  • It beautifies your personality.
  • It boosts your self-confidence
  • It is an asset in case of professional or business fiasco in life.
  • It dispels negative energies from life.
  • It augments the love and affection between husband and wife.
  • It brings your lost love back.
  • It makes you successful in the career, profession, and business.
  • It improves intelligence, imagination, creativity and ultimately it widens your mental acumen.

You can not only wear the birthstone for expelling negative energies from life but you can improve the lifestyle also.

9 planets and their concerning gemstones you should know

It is very imperative to wear precious stones after deep deliberation. Especially, you should consult a wise astrologer who is competent with the knowledge of gemmology.

Don’t just dive into the multiple gemstones having seen Ekta Kapoor wearing topsy-turvy. Her fingers are no doubt looks fancy, however, it might not be fancy when your fingers are laced with multiple gemstones.

The gemstone world is completely intricate. You should tax your brain before using any lucky stone as it can adversely affect your life.

Different astrologer recommends precious stones and semi-precious stones considering multiple factors. There are different methods to wear gemstones. Some recommend the birthstones based on birth date, while others recommend the gems based on either moon sign or ascendant. However, the ascendant method is by far the best as per the astrological jurisdiction.

Whatever may be the rules and system, it is very important to know your lucky stone and its nexus to the particular planet.        

In a nutshell, here is the 9 planets and their primary gemstone

  • Sun – Ruby
  • Moon – White Pearl
  • Mars – Red Coral
  • Mercury – Green Emerald
  • Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire
  • Venus – Diamond
  • Saturn – Blue Sapphire
  • Rahu – Gomed
  • Ketu – Cat’s Eye

Now we are going to explain as to the nexus between the 9 planets and their associated gemstones for the betterment of the destiny.

Sun and its nexus with Ruby

The planet Sun is known for its glory. Not to speak of the solar system, even it influences every nook and corner of your life.

The sages in the ancient past have assigned Ruby as the gemstone for the Sun. The use of Ruby is omnipresent not only in India but also abroad as an astrological remedy.

The Ruby is used when the planet Sun rules the ascendant, 5th and 9th house in the natal chart. You can use it when you are under the Mahadasha of Sun. You can also use Ruby as a remedial measure when the planet Sun is afflicted by malefic Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

This notably precious stone is highly beneficial to the people who are into politics, administration, bureaucracy, top management and in a commanding position.

Moon and its nexus with White Pearl

White Pearl is commonly known as Moti and a household name among the people. The pearl is a highly adorable gemstone and is assigned to the planet Moon.

The mother makes the son wear white pearl when he is wrathful. The husband gifts pearl to the wife when his soulmate is in anxieties and hallucination. Similarly, the wife makes the husband use moti to subdue his highhandedness.

In fact, most of the people do use pearl even without the recommendation of the astrologer as it is believed that the pearl has no negative influence.

The pearl should be used when the planet Moon is friendly to the ascendant. The pearl is quite capable of keeping anxiety, depression, melancholia, hallucination, lunacy, migraine, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, suicidal tendency, self-harming and obsessive compulsive disorder at bay.

You can use it during the major period or sub-period of the Moon. It can be used if the planet Moon is debilitated and afflicted by evil planets in the natal chart.

Mars and its nexus with Red Coral

The planet Mars is the significator of valor, audacity, command, and self-confidence. The ancient Rishis have assigned Red Coral to the planet Mars.

The wearer of this Red stone can be lucky for the people who are into the army, air force, navy, hiking, administration, security, police, adventures, sports, and pyrotechnics, etc.

The Red Coral can augment your self-confidence and physical strength. It is particularly extremely beneficial if you are under the ruling period of Mars.

As a rule, the astrologers usually prescribe when the planet Mars is afflicted by nefarious stars and debilitated in Scorpio.

Once upon a time, the Red Coral was gifted to the newly married women in India for the betterment of their luck. The Red Coral is easily available and can suit almost everybody’s wallet.

Mercury and its nexus with Green Emerald

You will surely be envious when you will come to know that Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and celebrity and Yoga prodigy Shilpa Shetty have been wearing Green Emerald in their fingers.

The Green Emerald is assigned to the planet Mercury by our ancient Pandits. It is a high level of gift to the people who are into the research work.

Mercury is the planet that signifies intelligence, knowledge, grasping, receptive capacity, ready wit and high level of dexterousness. The planet Mercury rules the trade and commerce, science and research, IT, communication, computers, media, advertising and the field that requires the gift of eloquence. The sales and marketing are completed dominated by Mercury.

Hence, the Green emerald will certainly be helpful to the public speaker, motivational speaker, a mathematical prodigy, business tycoon, sales and marketing professionals, etc.

It can do wonders if the planet Mercury is a friend to the ascendant lord and during the Mahadasha of Mercury for 17 years. The Green Emerald meant to boost the power of the Mercury when it is weak in Pisces and afflicted by unwanted planets.

Jupiter and its nexus with Yellow Sapphire

The planet Jupiter is known for its sublime character. The Jupiter is known as Guru in astrology. This is a highly benevolent planet in the solar system. That is why people love the beneficial transit of Jupiter.

Yellow Sapphire is the precious stone that is connected to the planet Jupiter. It is especially worn by a childless couple. It is admired by people from all walks of life.

There are many intellectual people, political stalwarts, Bollywood superstars, TV celebrities and CEOs have been wearing Yellow Sapphire.

The Yellow Sapphire can be helpful to organize personal finance management. It helps you to develop a mindset of saving first and spending last.

It is advised to wear during the Mahadasha of Jupiter for 16 years. It can also be used when the planet Jupiter is associated with malefic.

Venus and its nexus with Diamond

Diamond is the most expensive and lustrous gemstone. You must have known as to the hue and cry among the political wings in India about the Kohinoor Diamond that the British have owned.

The luxurious and precious diamond is assigned to the planet Venus. The Diamond is worn when the planet Venus is afflicted by malefic Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars, and the Sun.

This most expensive gemstone is recommended by the savants of astrology during the major period and sub-period of Venus.

Since the planet Venus rules over the luxury, material gains, love, marriage, sex, ornaments, arts and entertainment, graphic design, animation, and fashion technology, it will benefit the people working in these segments.

It is highly beneficial to the people working in the theatre, movies, hotels, and hospitality, gems, and jewellery, food, and beverages, etc.

Saturn and its nexus with Blue Sapphire

Who is not fearful of Shani? Even the non-believer in astrology does think of Saturn when things do not go at will. Shani Sade Sati, Shani Dosh, and Dheya are the common astrological jargon that almost everyone knows.

The monks from the ancient past have assigned Blue Sapphire to the planet Saturn. This precious gemstone is the cup of tea for many people.

Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan and music maestro A R Rahman have worn the precious Blue Sapphire.

The Blue Sapphire is highly expensive. However, many people don’t have a second thought while buying this luxury sapphire.

The Blue Sapphire is recommended to the people with great caution. The people are aware of the negative influence of this precious stone. It is highly effective if the planet Saturn is a friendly planet to the ascendant lord.

During the Mahadasha of Saturn, wearing Blue Sapphire can do wonders. The people who have been working in the Railway, automobiles, mines, agriculture, forestry, the mountain can reap its lucrativeness.

Rahu and its nexus with Gomed

Most of the astrologers find it very difficult to recommend Gomed as Rahu has no house in the birth chart. Many wise Pandits do prescribe the Gomed during the Rahu Mahadasha.

However, it is not wise to recommend Gomed without deliberation. It is very important to analyze horoscope thoroughly before prescribing this powerful gemstone.

The Hessonite is the stone for Rahu that is recommended to the people for the pacification of the wrath of Rahu. The Hessonite is synonymously called Gomed in Hindi.

Although it requires deep study of horoscope to recommend gemstones of Rahu from the birth chart, the thumb rule is to prescribe Gomed when Rahu is placed in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses.

The Hessonite or Gomed is highly effective to get rid of anxiety and depression, skill ailments, psychosis, psoriasis, and cancer as well.

Ketu and its nexus with Cat’s Eye

Ketu is one of the powerful planets among the 9 planets. It is very difficult to recommend gemstone for Ketu. Many astrologers do recommend the gemstone wrongly. It is very imperative to advise stone for Ketu after a deep analysis.

The Cat’s Eye is the precious gemstone that has been advised by our ancient sages to wear for Ketu. It can be worn for 7 years during the Mahadasha of Ketu.

Although it is very difficult to advise Cat’s Eye, you can always safely wear this effective stone when Ketu is posited in the 3rd, 6th and 11th house in the birth chart.

The Cat’s Eye is quite effective to dispel inferiority complex, low-esteem, and fear. This stone should be used when you suffer from anorexia a kind of disease that reduces interest in food. It helps to augment the memory. Hence, Cat’s Eye is beneficial for the students to score high.

The Cat’s Eye is highly effective if you have to live near the forest or snake prone area.

Do let us know your experience with gemstones. If you want to know the right gemstone for you, download Taaraka app and ask us. 


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The Qualities of an Astrologer

Vedic astrology has been always kept in high pedestal and an astrologer are even called “daivagya” meaning knower of ways of God or the Cosmos. The astrologers are known to be trikalgya meaning knower of all three parts of the time, past, present, and future. As said, “Great power comes with great responsibility”, so the person endowed with such power must have some responsibility. Responsibility and power could be judged by rules and regulations in respect of the duty and standards to be maintained by such a person. 

Astrologers are no exception and they must have certain qualities to be qualified as true astrologers. Ancient sages have clearly made those qualifications and rules to be followed by an astrologer and those who practice Astrology without them can be anything but not the true astrologer.

Maharishi Parashar in his monumental work on Astrology, “Brihat Parashar Hora Shashtra” followed by most of the Vedic astrologers, has provided qualities of astrologer in shlokas 39 and 40 of chapter 27.

गणितेषु प्रवीणो यः शब्दशास्त्रे कृतश्रमः ।
न्यायविद् बुद्धिमान् देशदिक्कालज्ञो जितेन्द्रियः॥

ऊहापोहपटुर्होरास्कन्धश्रवणसम्मतः ।
मैत्रेय सत्यतां यादि तस्य वाक्यं न संशयः॥

O Maitreya, the words of one who is skilled  in mathematics, who has put in industrious efforts in linguistics, who has knowledge of justice, who has wisdom, who has knowledge of geography, direction and time, who has conquered his senses, who is logical and who has studied astrology, will doubtless be truthful.

An astrologer must have achieved supreme skills in Mathematics. The mathematics is the basis of all the calculations and without knowledge of the movement of planets and other calculations, one cannot get the right horoscope. Mathematical ability becomes supremely important.

An astrologer must know what to speak, how to speak and what not to speak. Linguistic ability is another important quality for any good astrologer. Otherwise what he will speak and what native will understand leads to disastrous results. 

To understand the basis of action and result is important to ascertain the real meaning provided by the placement of planets in a Horoscope. Knowledge of Nyaya Shastra is very critical, as, without Karma theory and the natural justice system of cosmos or God, one will not be able to pinpoint the effect. Horoscope if a blueprint of native’s actions and results, one must be well versed with universal laws of justice to understand it. 

Wisdom is another quality should be possessed by an astrologer and this needs no introduction, as a daivagya (astrologer) must be able to decipher the true meaning of the universe. 

True predictions cannot be made without the use of geography, direction, and time, which must be seen in entirety to predict. Persons from different places and times will have different life trajectory and without the inclusion of these aspects counted, an astrologer will not be able to advise and understand the life path of the individual truly. 

When one is interested in an individual, he will be disturbed by emotional turbulence and his prediction will fail. Having conquered his own senses is a must for the astrologer, else he will predict with a bias.

Translating mathematical calculations of horoscopes into the predictions requires a logical bent of mind, and an astrologer must have logical ability to deduce the complex knowledge of astrology into simple predictions, understood by a native.

At last the criteria provided is what everyone actually acts upon, which is the study of Jataka Sastra (Astrology).

Do you want to become a true astrologer and not the one who is just a marketing guy having some knowledge of astrology? You must acquire all the above qualities. If you are going to take a piece of advice from an astrologer, see if they possess these qualities.


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Gender and Birth time of Child

As one would know that Vedic Astrology is an ancient science that presents the uniqueness of a native through their respective natal chart (horoscope). As an ancient science, no doubt the calculations used to draw a natal chart are purely scientific. The mathematics is flawless. It is an alignment of planets and the ascendent (a calculation indicating the starting point of the natal chart) that aids accuracy in prediction using horoscope.

With the accurate birth-time, one is able to even calculate the Vimshottari Dasha of the native. Then predict events of their life such as: longevity, education, career, marriage and the entire set of events that is likely to occur in the native’s life. How exciting! Isn’t? Imagine, all that one has to provide the following inputs: date of birth, place of birth and accurate time of birth. The first two inputs are simple and straightforward for most people. But may not be the last one. Why? Even today, many aren’t sure of their accurate time of birth. They seek the services of expert astrologers to help them solve this mystery. But the level of individual satisfaction is yet to be fathomed!

One reason which is assigned to the problems of an inappropriate recording of birth time, is that the parents of the native were in the celebration mode and forgot to record the exact time of birth. :)….. Joking……. 

Despite genuine efforts, even today, recording accurate time of the birth of a new-born comes with many flaws. Like a difference of few minutes can thwart the purpose of this ancient science. 

Though there are many reasons assigned to it, the million-dollar question, can the time of birth, be rectified? Then answer is an emphatic YES!

No doubt, a standard practice to rectify the birth time is to check the position of the Ascendant, Moon sign, Pada of Nakshatra (1 to 4), the Mahadasha (Main Period) and Antardasha (Sub-period), Divisional charts of the native and match the same with the real life events of the native querent. 

The above approach is certainly standard, but yes it is INCOMPLETE! Why? When the question is posted as Why? Then please carry out a simple exercise in your natal chart. Kindly advance or reduce the time of birth by 4 to 5 mins. Verify if the position of the ascendant, moon and the position of the remaining planets with the original natal chart. Do you see any change in their positions? If no, then why is the accuracy of time is so emphasized and underlined with minutely. Especially when professed that Astrology is an ancient science and even slight change in birth time changes the life path of an individual. 

If astrology is a science then shouldn’t a slight tinkering of time should change your fate? Though nothing significant is changing in the natal chart. It is here that we believe the above exercise is INCOMPLETE. Hence we at Taaraka offer our expertise uniquely. 


When we talk about rectifying the time of birth, the purpose of TIME should be clearly understood in astrological parlance. And that is to identify the SEX of the new Born. 

No doubt, all other features of astrological event prediction techniques such as longevity, health, education, marriage, progeny, etc.comes secondary.    

In fact, this is one of the pure reasons which states that Astrology is a Science. Actually, the importance of TIME OF BIRTH draws parallel to Medical astrology pinpointing the Gender/Sex of the native querent. Also, it is here that the mistake of a few minutes in recording the exact time of birth can lead to flawed prediction.  

Imagine a situation where the native querent is a Female gender and her Natal Chart has recorded a time indicating Male Chart. Can minute events such as education, career or even marriage be predicted without rectifying her time of Birth? Only a divine providence can help, that too after rectifying her time of birth. 

Hence, during ancient times, the time of birth was ear-marked in the form of Ghati (2 ½ ghats is one hour). Based on Ghati’s calculation, gender of a child born at a particular time is known. It is mentioned by ancient sages that at a particular time or celestial position of planets, either a male or a female child could take birth and not both. This calculation was carried out to exactly indicate the gender of the new-born. When this is missing, the entire meaning in the natal chart is repudiated. 

In modern-day as the time of birth is recorded and used in the western form (hr:min:sec) the true sense of astrological calculation is missing. It is this gap of the expert knowledge that we fill at Taaraka, where the Astrology uses the latest technology of Artificial intelligence and machine learning to calculate and create birth charts and other astrological details and provide the user with personalised life insights.


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Astrology and Ayurveda

Astrology or Jyotish, as we call it in India, has originated from the ancient knowledge and recorded in scriptures prepared by sages who were able to rise above the consciousness of mankind and develop a scientific, yet a divine system of determining an individual’s past, present, and future. This vast ocean of knowledge that we know as astrology is deeply and intricately connected with other Vedic principles such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Reiki,  etc. Simply put, astrology and Ayurveda have the same fundamental five elements or “Panch Mahabutas” that they are based on – fire, water, earth, ether, and air. A balance of these elements in astrology is necessary and is required by your soul to exist and the same elemental balance is needed for your body to be in the best of health while you exist.

To begin with, how Ayurveda and Astrology are linked to each other, we must describe what a ‘dosha’ and ‘guna’ are. For a better understanding of these, we must delve a bit into the basics of Ayurveda. 

In Ayurveda, dosha refers to your body’s constitution whereas a ‘guna’ refers to one’s inborn qualities or the constitution of the mind. When there is an imbalance in one or more of the doshas, it results in a disease or condition in the individual. There are three doshas, namely – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. It is also important to mention here that each dosha is majorly represented by two elements:

  • Vata- Ether and air
  • Pitta-Fire and Water
  • Kapha- water and earth

‘Guna’ on the other hand is basically the inborn nature of an individual’s mind and since they are three gunas in Ayurveda which are called as triguna. These gunas are – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. Together, these are known as the ‘Mansa Dosha’ or the dosha of the mind. Studying the Trigunas in Ayurveda helps the physician determine the type of the individual.

‘Guna’ on the other hand is basically the inborn nature of an individual’s mind and since they are three gunas in Ayurveda which are called as triguna. These gunas are – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. Together, these are known as the ‘Mansa Dosha’ or the dosha of the mind. Studying the Trigunas in Ayurveda helps the physician determine the type of the individual.

But what do the trigunas represent? Sattva represents the energy needed for creation, Rajas represents the particle movement whereas Tamas represents the inert material that has the potential to take new form.  These trigunas are metaphysical entities that are believed to have been existing in the universe and basis entity for the creation. 

Having understood the basics of the tridoshas and the trigunas, it becomes easy to learn that both they influence mental and the physical well being of an individual respectively and their balance or interplay determines the overall health of each individual according to Ayurveda.

But how is all this connected with Astrology? Well, astrology as we know, is the metaphysical science that describes how the planets, like Sun and Moon, are connected with an individuals’ nature, personality, past, present and future. Based on the position of the planets and the signs or rashis in an individual’s chart, they help determine how a person is. In astrology, each individual is said to be a combination of all three doshas and all the three guns and never a single dosha or guna. The Vata dosha is ruled by your lagna or ascendant, pitta dosha is ruled by the sun and the Kapha dosha is ruled by the moon.

Among the many ancient Ayurvedic texts, one that needs a mention in this context is the Charak Samhita. According to this book, every Ayurvedic doctor must know and understand the connection and common basis that all Vedic principles, especially Ayurveda and Astrology share. The Charak Samhita says that when a patient goes to a vaidya or an Ayurvedic doctor with a disease condition, the planetary positions in the sky needs to be studied, and this knowledge needs to be combined with the knowledge of Ayurveda to know the exact depth of the disease presented with and how long it will take to cure the disease. Also, the patients basically are said to report with a problem in one of the three doshas or gunas, if the ailment has mental origins.

Apart from this, there are a few ways astrology helps determine the health of an individual. Among the 12 houses used in astrology, the 6th house talks about disease, the 8th house is used to determine the longevity of a disease and the 12th house gives information about the extent of the suffering of a person from a disease. Also, the 1st house is said to play a significant role in the health and overall well being of an individual. 

Even the Dasa and the Mahadasa periods in an individual’s lifetime play a crucial role in his/her health. If these Dasa or Mahadasa periods are negative at a given time when the individual is suffering from an illness, it can have a negative or fatal results for the individual.

Astrology doesn’t just give you information about one’s disease but plays a vital role in determining one’s dosha or the overall constitution of the body and guna? The ascendant or Rashi is used for determining this. The planets present in the first house of the natal chart of the individual can help too. For example, having Saturn in the first house gives the native a Vata constitution whereas having Jupiter in the house can give the native a Kapha constitution. It is useful to mention here that people of sattvic nature are generally of the Kapha constitution, those of a rajas nature have a pitta constitution and those of tamasic nature are usually of the Vata constitution.

Since the 6th, 8th and 12th house also affects ones’ health and healing, the planets in these houses also have a vital role to play in this regard. Another astrological aspect that can influence an individual’s dosha and guna is the sign in which the moon is present. Each type of dosha has certain typical characteristics.

A Vata type individual is usually thin, has a quicker urge to satisfy his/her needs, is often distracted and finds it difficult to concentrate easily, eats are irregular hours and doesn’t chew food properly. Signs like Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra are of this constitution.

An individual of Kapha constitution type is relatively calm, slow and thoughtful in nature and thinking, and loves to eat and enjoy food. Taurus, Cancer and Pisces people fall into this type.

A person of pitta constitution is often well-balanced in his/her nature and actions but can be hot-headed. For a person of pitta type, eating and food are not a priority. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and scorpion individuals fall into this type of dosha.

Those with a knowledge of either Astrology or Ayurveda are often surprised by how deeply the two sciences are intertwined. It is also incredible to realise that these ancient sciences were not just relevant and accurate back then but continue to be relevant even in today’s technologically advanced world where many things cannot be explained purely by medicine or astronomy. Hungry for more on such interesting topics? Explore our blog!


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Astrology for Millennials

Vedic astrology is the source of wisdom for humankind from ancient times. The journey of astrology has been fascinating throughout the history of mankind. Since time immemorial, man has been pretty much greedy and a fast learner. This ever-increasing hunger has opened up a new era. Necessity is the mother of invention and necessity comes from imagination and knowledge of the existence of something.

The greatest gift for millennials is the invention of the internet, and now everyone can find information about a solution to his problem by using Google. This gift has been utilised by the millennials in the form of social media, information sharing, meme, photos and videos from around the globe.  

Millennials are always information hungry and as a result, this hunger makes them Digital Parasites. The more information coming to the way makes their minds more confused. Truth is what they seek more now.

The advent of technology and science to reach stars has made interesting progress. Now stars and planets are within the reach, which poses many questions in the mind of this information-hungry generation. The celestial powers, that once surrounded us, has also become one of the most interesting facts? 

We all think more and more about the impact of the universe around us, which makes us wonder if our ancestors have some information about the stars and planets. The obvious answer is, yes, they had the knowledge, in the form of astronomy and astrology. All astronomers of ancient times were great astrologers too, including Varahmihir. 

Millennials being an inquisitive breed wants to know more not only about the things around them but also about themselves. More access to information has filled them with the quest for knowledge. Astrology is the best medium to understand about a person’s journey through the path called life. The predictions made through astrology are based on the mathematical model and this scientific basis had made horoscope more interesting for the current generation.

Horoscopes are made using the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of an individual. Earlier, exact coordinates were not precisely available, and rigorous calculation had to be done by an astrologer to locate the place. The technology made it simple. Government regulation of recording time of birth also paved the way, as exact birth time was not available for a large population, especially lower strata of society.

Astrology being available through websites and apps are making access easier. The availability of books has made the millennials more interested in astrology, as they can read for themselves to understand authenticity. 

This step of astrology joining hands with technology has made lives so easy that millennials have more hunger for life insights. Having complete information or an outline of insight makes someone’s day. The concerned person either lives the day or prepare for it. Either way, it is the motivation to get better, which pumps some adrenaline. 

Millennials have evidently been the most versatile generation to date. The need of knowing what the future holds for them makes them magnetize towards astrology. 

Many of astrology apps give personalised and exclusive daily insights based on the data received from users, which mainly includes the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.  The service is provided at a convenient time and place with no need to visit an astrologer and get horoscope. Having a personal astrologer on the phone at all times is what millennials prefer and want. Taaraka is providing what millennials want and making them ready for the best of their future.


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Astrology & Omens

Everything around us has impact on our life and it leaves a subtle impact on our personality, which is one of the most interesting facets of Vedic Astrology. In fact, we can say that astrology can even predict omens, as the universe follows a natural laws and everything must be connected in one way or another. Not every incidence is an omen for you and you need to differentiate which event is an omen for you and which is not. 

Example of Omens – Astrology connection

When a child is born, at that time of birth, initial omens start playing their role. Omen activity at the time of birth leaves some signs. That later can be calculated with the help of astrology and it can provide information about the child’s personality. With this calculation, astrologers can predict the life of individuals, education, childhood, career, marriage, creative talents, and health issues, etc.  

In fact, omen calculation is possible even when a person is not aware of the exact time of the birth. Initial omens are always there from the time of an individual’s birth that helps astrologers to get necessary calculations for their predictions. And, with the help of these omens, astrologers can see the future omens that can help people to get future predictions. 

Omens – Orthodox view vs modern view

We have been surrounded by the power of the universe since the beginning of the universe. Omens help in predictions from ancient times. According to the orthodox views, omens leave their signs in different forms. The real meaning of omens can be deciphered only after knowing all three parts, namely Omens, Timing, and Your overall condition (physical, mental and psychological).

For example, 

  • If a cat crosses your path when you are going on the road then it is an unfavorable omen. 
  • If a person sees anyone someone coming towards him/her carrying garland then it is an unfavorable omen. However, on the other hand, if you see a newlywed couple in their auspicious wedding outfit then it will be considered a favorable omen. 
  • If you are going on a journey and you hear the sound of donkey then it is considered a favorable omen.

These are the orthodox views that people used to follow strictly so that they can avoid any misfortune and lead a happy life. However, in today’s modern world, the view of omens has changed to some degree. 

Although modern people don’t disagree with the fact that omens are necessary for our daily lives. However, these omen signs are not as strictly followed in daily life as old times. These omens are considered of great importance in auspicious occasions like marriage, festival or any other events of high importance. 

We should outrightly reject or can it be scientifically proven?

There is no scientific proof that omens are always right. It is sometimes considered that the omens are part of the science of superstition. However, it still has high integrity in Indian society and astrologers do consider it a very important part of our lives. If taking into consideration will not harm, why to reject it outrightly. 

Why there are so many believers in the world?

It is said that most of the major world catastrophes leave their sign in the universe. There have been incidences where the disposition of constellation and planets are seen. The proof of these incidences is recorded in ancient Indian holy books, like Brihat Samhita. 


In today’s modern world, when everything is easy, why don’t you make astrology easy for yourself too? If you want to know the signs of omens or your future with the help of modern astrology, try downloading Taaraka astrology app where modern astrologers will help you get the perfect guidance and assistance on your present and future.

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Astrology & Relationship

Astrology has been part of our lives for a long time. In fact, astrology has great contribution even in our love life. When two people meet, they fell in love and decide to get married, the most important thing that comes in our mind is astrological compatibility. But why is that so important? Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

Astrological Compatibility in Relationship

Astrology provides option to calculate the partner compatibility based on name, date of birth, time of birth, star signs, etc. These details are indicators of an individual’s personality. When two personalities are compared together then it becomes possible to accurately find out conflict and unity points of the relationship. 

The authenticity of Astrology in Marriage

We all know the fact that the core of relationship success is the compatibility and understanding of two partners. And that is exactly what astrology checks at the beginning of the marriage. With proper astrological help, people can find out their strong and weak points in a relationship which will help them to establish a successful and happy marriage life. 

Present and Future of Age-Old Astrological System

Astrology has been a great help for love life and relationship success for a long time. 

People ask, “Will I ever get married?” And astrologer says, “Show me your palm” or “Give me your birth details” etc. Well, this is the area where critics raise their objections and there have been many debates on how these details can help an individual understand his or her marital possibilities? 

The fact is, astrology provides predictions and results based on proper calculations. Although this calculation might be a bit lengthy for regular people. Therefore, we have astrologers to assist us. However, if you are looking for something simple, quick and accurate for this purpose, you should try Taaraka astrology app. In today’s modern world, it is time for you to try modern astrologer for your astrological evaluations in your marriage and relationships. 


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Astrology – a Source of Wisdom

“Astrology is one of the oldest and most accurate tools known to mankind”.

Chris Flisher

Astrology is shaped by the movement of the planets and the stars and how they influence a human being in his lifetime. It is derived from two Greek words: Astra, meaning a star, and Logos, meaning logic. Genesis of astrology lies in ancient Indian and Babylonian traditions. In India the earliest use of the term ‘jyotiṣa’ is in the sense of a Vedanga which an auxiliary discipline of Vedic religion. Today astrology is deeply weaved in a human life.

Use of Astrology for Progress of Human Being

Astrology is an immense facilitator in the progress of human life. It provides solutions to tackle harmful behavioral patterns and upcoming challenges after revealing them. It pinpoints latent talents possessed by a person and also provides aid to best groom them. Moreover, rewarding trends that lie ahead in a human life is pointed out and assistance is enabled to take advantage of them before they fade away. It is an excellent means to determine the perfect timing for certain actions.

Why astrology is needed?

Firstly, the astrologer’s guidance is found to be useful. Secondly, solutions of astrology are free of human judgment. It operates on a higher level, like a religion. It knows more about the person than the person knows about himself. In short, astrology is personal. It balances strong and weak points of a person and shows a way out. Often professional qualifications, proved by examinations are not enough for achieving the career aspirations, human qualities are also required. Astrology can help make objective decisions, as astrologers cannot manipulate the message of birth chart, nor does it depend on the whims of the astrologer. The birth chart can be proved mathematically, and also shows the prospects of success.

What dimension it has opened for mankind?

Astrology lights up the pathways of life and provides a choice whether to walk the same in the direction. It provides a human being with the tools of protection in the challenging phases of life and is a connecting chord among past, present and future. It is unbiased as it does not differentiate in terms of caste, religion, gender or nationality as it is fundamental in nature.

What all progress would not have happened if astrology was never invented?

The birth chart of a person contains more than enough combinations to describe situations in life. It shows a picture of the person encompassing his mental, physical and professional abilities. It also highlights details of prospects of marriage, partnerships, children, enterprises, difficulties, preferences, and so on. A human life without this guidance would be deprived of protection and aid to enhance life. 

“Without Astrology man treads as it were, in the dim twilight of ignorance”.

Luke Dennis

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Astrology and Physical Appearance

Have you ever come across a person who has met you for the first time and immediately went ahead to try and guess your sun or moon sign? It is quite common isn’t it to try and guess one’s rashi or sign by looking at someone’s appearance? Infact, the link between astrology and physical appearance is indeed true. 

Our physical and behavioral traits are strongly influenced by the planets that are present in our chart at the time of our birth, especially in the ascendant. Well, in biological sciences, it is a fact that our physical attributes are strongly influenced by our genes that we get from our parents and grandparents. But, it has been observed that the rising sign or ascendant defines our physical appearance, our personality and how we portray ourselves to the world. 

In many instances, it has been observed that there is a close connection between the ascendant of parents and their children, which also shows that there are similarities between parents and children in the way they look and behave. It is not just our sun sign or moon sign that determine how we look but a large part of it is attributed to the planets and signs in our ascendant. 

We’ve heard quite a bit of the word ‘ascendant’ so far, isn’t it? What exactly is it? Well, the ascendant is actually the rising sign and from the astrological point of view, it is that sign that is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of one’s birth. The ascendant sign is always in the first of the 12 houses in an individual’s natal chart and is often known as the ‘core’ or the ‘backbone’ of the natal chart.

Physical appearance and House

Depending on the planet/s present in the first house, the individual’s physical appearance is impacted. For example, the presence of Venus in the first house gives the individual a very attractive, beautiful and charming personality. If the Venus is strong and not challenged by other aspects or planets, it makes the individual a balanced and diplomatic individual. The individual with a Venus in the ascendant is also very fashionable, well mannered and elite in his/her ways. Infact, a woman with a strong Venus in her ascendant makes for a very beautiful lady.

Similarly, each planet confers upon the individual its own physical attributes. For example, the presence of mars in ascendant gives a bronze glow to the skin, Saturn in the ascendant makes the native dark or tanned in appearance, and the presence of moon gives a pale texture and color to the skin. When talking about tallness and shortness of the body, the presence of Saturn makes one short, mercury and Uranus make you taller whereas, the presence of Venus and Jupiter make one stout and chubby.

While the presence of the planets in the ascendant gives a broader information about one’s physical appearance, it is the signs present in the ascendant that give the finer details of an individual’s appearance. For example, a person who has an Aries ascendant, means that his/her ruling planet is Mars. But, this Mars can be in any of the 12 signs and each individual will look and behave differently from the other. 

For example, a person with an Aries ascendant with Mars is Aries will appear like a warrior, full of energy and courage, and tend to show signs of a conqueror. But, another person with Aries ascendant with Mars in Taurus will show more steadiness, will begin slow but build steadily towards a foal and is more sustainable in his/her actions. So, we can see that how the planets and signs in each person’s ascendants play out your physical appearance and finer details of it.


Do you have any experiences to share about how astrology impacts physical appearance? Share with us today!

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