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Astrology & Omens

Everything around us has impact on our life and it leaves a subtle impact on our personality, which is one of the most interesting facets of Vedic Astrology. In fact, we can say that astrology can even predict omens, as the universe follows a natural laws and everything must be connected in one way or another. Not every incidence is an omen for you and you need to differentiate which event is an omen for you and which is not. 

Example of Omens – Astrology connection

When a child is born, at that time of birth, initial omens start playing their role. Omen activity at the time of birth leaves some signs. That later can be calculated with the help of astrology and it can provide information about the child’s personality. With this calculation, astrologers can predict the life of individuals, education, childhood, career, marriage, creative talents, and health issues, etc.  

In fact, omen calculation is possible even when a person is not aware of the exact time of the birth. Initial omens are always there from the time of an individual’s birth that helps astrologers to get necessary calculations for their predictions. And, with the help of these omens, astrologers can see the future omens that can help people to get future predictions. 

Omens – Orthodox view vs modern view

We have been surrounded by the power of the universe since the beginning of the universe. Omens help in predictions from ancient times. According to the orthodox views, omens leave their signs in different forms. The real meaning of omens can be deciphered only after knowing all three parts, namely Omens, Timing, and Your overall condition (physical, mental and psychological).

For example, 

  • If a cat crosses your path when you are going on the road then it is an unfavorable omen. 
  • If a person sees anyone someone coming towards him/her carrying garland then it is an unfavorable omen. However, on the other hand, if you see a newlywed couple in their auspicious wedding outfit then it will be considered a favorable omen. 
  • If you are going on a journey and you hear the sound of donkey then it is considered a favorable omen.

These are the orthodox views that people used to follow strictly so that they can avoid any misfortune and lead a happy life. However, in today’s modern world, the view of omens has changed to some degree. 

Although modern people don’t disagree with the fact that omens are necessary for our daily lives. However, these omen signs are not as strictly followed in daily life as old times. These omens are considered of great importance in auspicious occasions like marriage, festival or any other events of high importance. 

We should outrightly reject or can it be scientifically proven?

There is no scientific proof that omens are always right. It is sometimes considered that the omens are part of the science of superstition. However, it still has high integrity in Indian society and astrologers do consider it a very important part of our lives. If taking into consideration will not harm, why to reject it outrightly. 

Why there are so many believers in the world?

It is said that most of the major world catastrophes leave their sign in the universe. There have been incidences where the disposition of constellation and planets are seen. The proof of these incidences is recorded in ancient Indian holy books, like Brihat Samhita. 


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