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Astrology – a Source of Wisdom

“Astrology is one of the oldest and most accurate tools known to mankind”.

Chris Flisher

Astrology is shaped by the movement of the planets and the stars and how they influence a human being in his lifetime. It is derived from two Greek words: Astra, meaning a star, and Logos, meaning logic. Genesis of astrology lies in ancient Indian and Babylonian traditions. In India the earliest use of the term ‘jyotiṣa’ is in the sense of a Vedanga which an auxiliary discipline of Vedic religion. Today astrology is deeply weaved in a human life.

Use of Astrology for Progress of Human Being

Astrology is an immense facilitator in the progress of human life. It provides solutions to tackle harmful behavioral patterns and upcoming challenges after revealing them. It pinpoints latent talents possessed by a person and also provides aid to best groom them. Moreover, rewarding trends that lie ahead in a human life is pointed out and assistance is enabled to take advantage of them before they fade away. It is an excellent means to determine the perfect timing for certain actions.

Why astrology is needed?

Firstly, the astrologer’s guidance is found to be useful. Secondly, solutions of astrology are free of human judgment. It operates on a higher level, like a religion. It knows more about the person than the person knows about himself. In short, astrology is personal. It balances strong and weak points of a person and shows a way out. Often professional qualifications, proved by examinations are not enough for achieving the career aspirations, human qualities are also required. Astrology can help make objective decisions, as astrologers cannot manipulate the message of birth chart, nor does it depend on the whims of the astrologer. The birth chart can be proved mathematically, and also shows the prospects of success.

What dimension it has opened for mankind?

Astrology lights up the pathways of life and provides a choice whether to walk the same in the direction. It provides a human being with the tools of protection in the challenging phases of life and is a connecting chord among past, present and future. It is unbiased as it does not differentiate in terms of caste, religion, gender or nationality as it is fundamental in nature.

What all progress would not have happened if astrology was never invented?

The birth chart of a person contains more than enough combinations to describe situations in life. It shows a picture of the person encompassing his mental, physical and professional abilities. It also highlights details of prospects of marriage, partnerships, children, enterprises, difficulties, preferences, and so on. A human life without this guidance would be deprived of protection and aid to enhance life. 

“Without Astrology man treads as it were, in the dim twilight of ignorance”.

Luke Dennis

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Astrology and Physical Appearance

Have you ever come across a person who has met you for the first time and immediately went ahead to try and guess your sun or moon sign? It is quite common isn’t it to try and guess one’s rashi or sign by looking at someone’s appearance? Infact, the link between astrology and physical appearance is indeed true. 

Our physical and behavioral traits are strongly influenced by the planets that are present in our chart at the time of our birth, especially in the ascendant. Well, in biological sciences, it is a fact that our physical attributes are strongly influenced by our genes that we get from our parents and grandparents. But, it has been observed that the rising sign or ascendant defines our physical appearance, our personality and how we portray ourselves to the world. 

In many instances, it has been observed that there is a close connection between the ascendant of parents and their children, which also shows that there are similarities between parents and children in the way they look and behave. It is not just our sun sign or moon sign that determine how we look but a large part of it is attributed to the planets and signs in our ascendant. 

We’ve heard quite a bit of the word ‘ascendant’ so far, isn’t it? What exactly is it? Well, the ascendant is actually the rising sign and from the astrological point of view, it is that sign that is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of one’s birth. The ascendant sign is always in the first of the 12 houses in an individual’s natal chart and is often known as the ‘core’ or the ‘backbone’ of the natal chart.

Physical appearance and House

Depending on the planet/s present in the first house, the individual’s physical appearance is impacted. For example, the presence of Venus in the first house gives the individual a very attractive, beautiful and charming personality. If the Venus is strong and not challenged by other aspects or planets, it makes the individual a balanced and diplomatic individual. The individual with a Venus in the ascendant is also very fashionable, well mannered and elite in his/her ways. Infact, a woman with a strong Venus in her ascendant makes for a very beautiful lady.

Similarly, each planet confers upon the individual its own physical attributes. For example, the presence of mars in ascendant gives a bronze glow to the skin, Saturn in the ascendant makes the native dark or tanned in appearance, and the presence of moon gives a pale texture and color to the skin. When talking about tallness and shortness of the body, the presence of Saturn makes one short, mercury and Uranus make you taller whereas, the presence of Venus and Jupiter make one stout and chubby.

While the presence of the planets in the ascendant gives a broader information about one’s physical appearance, it is the signs present in the ascendant that give the finer details of an individual’s appearance. For example, a person who has an Aries ascendant, means that his/her ruling planet is Mars. But, this Mars can be in any of the 12 signs and each individual will look and behave differently from the other. 

For example, a person with an Aries ascendant with Mars is Aries will appear like a warrior, full of energy and courage, and tend to show signs of a conqueror. But, another person with Aries ascendant with Mars in Taurus will show more steadiness, will begin slow but build steadily towards a foal and is more sustainable in his/her actions. So, we can see that how the planets and signs in each person’s ascendants play out your physical appearance and finer details of it.


Do you have any experiences to share about how astrology impacts physical appearance? Share with us today!

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Vedic Astrology – Conceptual Decoding!

Everyone is interested in knowing what will they face in daily life. Let us now delve deeper into that, and have a better insight into our lives through planetary positions as per vedic astrology. Planets from the cosmos guide our lives in a particular direction. Your luck and karma depend on the events happening in your life. Sometimes you will be super lucky, to have things and sometimes you will experience the worst nightmare.

You will understand more of Vedic astrology and the app that states accurate insights. Isn’t it interesting? That you can now have this technology where things are coming to you.

Also, technology plays an important part in bringing the decoding of the planetary positions to you over an application. People who believe in science will understand that technology is growing faster than we imagine. We have made the most use of technology and invented this app. It’s an extraordinary effort to understand certain life events.

The use of Vedic Astrology


Jyotisha is a traditional Hindu system of astrology also called as Vedic astrology. Now in the times of Ramayana and Mahabharata, electional astrology, omens, dreams, and physiognomy was used more. This does not mean they had elections before planning any event. It simply is a branch of astrology, where the auspiciousness of the time is seen first and then the event is planned. Now comes various fields parallel to astrology which are stated below.

There are various fields people believe in some of them are, horoscope, palmistry, numerology, and Vastu. Even though these fields are different and interesting in their way, they provide accurate predictions of life events based on your astrological details. Whether to follow or not is completely your decision, but the Taaraka astrology app works for the betterment of your life with accuracy in daily insights.

Karma is shadow

Image Source: Medium.com

If you did something wrong with some person, knowingly or unknowingly. You won’t think, So what, nothing bad will happen to me. Here comes the philosophy of karma into the picture. Karma is taught to us right from our childhood. Hence we firmly believe that, if you do bad things to others, bad things will happen to you sooner or later. 

Although we follow this dictum, we unwittingly fall prey to our baser selves. According to astrologers, our judgment is corrupted by the negative influence of the planets. Hence, we err as humans. The best way to avoid negativity in your life is to understand the science of planetary positions and their impact on us. In other words, it is best to know the enigmatic science of Vedic astrology.

Taaraka – Unprecedented Life Insights


Astrology has something to say on account of your planetary positions from time to time. Taaraka, a free astrology app is based on AI technology with the expertise of astrological experts behind the scenes, they are making astrological content simple to understand for you. This is, however, a machine learning app, that takes all your actions on the app into account and gives you specific results that are based on the information you shared, just like an astrologer knowing your context in life predicts better for you. The fields important to fill after downloading Taaraka app are your name, birthdate, birthplace and time of birth. After this information is filled the app makes your kundali along with various astrological charts and datasets. To provide better insights the app does many calculations. Based on these calculations, your life insights are made. 

Read the free daily insights from this app that will rejuvenate your mornings like never before. The app is very easy to understand, and the content is written in simple spoken English as well as the Hindi language. Other languages are coming soon. Taaraka astrology app has helped many to know what’s happening and what will happen. You can earn free points while interacting within the app. You can ask questions to our expert team of astrologers. This Taaraka app is free to download and available on Google’s Play Store & Apple’s App Store for Android & iPhone users respectively. This free astrology app is getting more response from users. Include the Taaraka app in your life and know yourself better. What are you waiting for, download now! https://taarakatech.app.link/C21xQeBF9X

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The Birth of Astrology

‘The Ancient Ones,’ let’s call them that because it sounds mysterious and fun.

A blog about astrology should be full of fun and mystery. Isn’t it?

But really, I am just referring to our ancestors, way back in time, but humans just like us, with an inquisitive mind and a thirst for knowledge in this extremely chaotic and confusing world.

”What to binge watch next on Netflix?”

”What to do over the weekend?”

”Should I continue eating donuts like there is no tomorrow or should I be scared of diabetes because my dad is diabetic?”

These are the questions that bug me and my generation when my mind is idle. Those are also the days when all of us regular people end up thinking about life, it’s meaning and other such questions. Don’t we?

Well, ‘The Ancient Ones’ could not browse memes when they got bored. They could not jump in a car and go to a cafe whenever they got restless. They could not have heated arguments about Friends V/S HIMYM. Sad!

Aside from the fact that they died super young because of lack of modern medicine, ‘The Ancient Ones’ had a lot of time on their hands and way fewer distractions. Hence, they did all sorts of other things like performing grand rituals everyday, write epics, make from scratch everything from food to furniture, judge people excessively and think about things that we rarely give any thought to.

That brings me to what this blog is really about. The ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, China and India have been practicing the art of studying the Sun and planets and their influence on human affairs and in turn other worldly events since 2nd millenium BCE.

I feel that they knew that the human race wasn’t evolved enough to figure out the meaning of life so they looked up to the cosmos to find answers to these very important questions.

‘The Ancient-er Ones’ had already noticed that the planets, Sun and other stars all had a pattern to their movement so they started recording them. Comparing the movement of celestial bodies to the various natural phenomenon occurring on our planet led to the recording of time, tides and seasons. This gave our ancestors an upper hand at being able to predict the ‘mood of nature’ which had been a complete mystery up until then. They were able to predict most natural occurrences with more precision which in turn helped them with the most vital part of human survival and settlement – Growing and harvesting Food Crops.

Every other necessity was easily met with because these societies were rich. However, the growing population needed food in surplus which needed water to grow. Being able to predict timely rains or a delay in the monsoons thus became a necessity for settled colonies.

But just like the modern weather department, they were wrong at times. It was really easy to blame it on angry Gods and evil spirits. So, that’s that!

Celestial bodies were Gods that decided the fate of the vast planet Earth and everything that went on here so why couldn’t these same observable Gods not decide the fate of humans too?

It was obvious to The Ancient Ones that if they could study the cosmos and predict the next rainfall, they could also study the same to figure out if The Ancient One – Chandra, would be able to have another baby or if it was okay for The Ancient One – Mansukh, to go for his work trip or if it would be inauspicious for him.

For the first time, ancient humans, in their quest for the meaning of life, chose to look up to the cosmos for answer.

Astrology was born.