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Astrology & Relationship

Astrology has been part of our lives for a long time. In fact, astrology has great contribution even in our love life. When two people meet, they fell in love and decide to get married, the most important thing that comes in our mind is astrological compatibility. But why is that so important? Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

Astrological Compatibility in Relationship

Astrology provides option to calculate the partner compatibility based on name, date of birth, time of birth, star signs, etc. These details are indicators of an individual’s personality. When two personalities are compared together then it becomes possible to accurately find out conflict and unity points of the relationship. 

The authenticity of Astrology in Marriage

We all know the fact that the core of relationship success is the compatibility and understanding of two partners. And that is exactly what astrology checks at the beginning of the marriage. With proper astrological help, people can find out their strong and weak points in a relationship which will help them to establish a successful and happy marriage life. 

Present and Future of Age-Old Astrological System

Astrology has been a great help for love life and relationship success for a long time. 

People ask, “Will I ever get married?” And astrologer says, “Show me your palm” or “Give me your birth details” etc. Well, this is the area where critics raise their objections and there have been many debates on how these details can help an individual understand his or her marital possibilities? 

The fact is, astrology provides predictions and results based on proper calculations. Although this calculation might be a bit lengthy for regular people. Therefore, we have astrologers to assist us. However, if you are looking for something simple, quick and accurate for this purpose, you should try Taaraka astrology app. In today’s modern world, it is time for you to try modern astrologer for your astrological evaluations in your marriage and relationships. 


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An astrology app that is going to blow your mind, unlike Sacred Games

Taaraka, an app developed with an aim to help you with your routine life and events, in the most unique possible way, i.e. by giving “Personalized Life Insights – DAILY”.

The intent is to bring you/to you the Vedic wisdom but without any super technical, extremely difficult to understand, and let’s agree sometimes the terms used by astrologers just feel gibberish. Our app doesn’t talk about Rahu, Ketu, Shani or Kundalis, or even the cliché horoscope predictions just on the basis of Sun-signs like Virgo, Libra, Leo, etc, etc.

Instead, just simple, straightforward, and easy to understand insights’ content is served in both English as well as the Hindi language. These insights are tailored exclusively for each user, based on their birth details.


We’ve reached more than 50K users all over India, contributing a little bit towards a/their better life.

Today, we are extremely delighted to announce our new version of Taaraka app, with some exciting features. 

Let us just give you a sneak peek.

Create Multiple Profiles

We understand that our lives are intertwined with many people around us. We are always curious and concerned about our loved ones. Taaraka now presents, the Multiple Profile feature empowering our users to a certain extent.

Our users will be able to add multiple profiles in the app, exploring their life insights and even helping them their family members or friends to live a better life. 

Please check the video to understand how the “Multi Profile” section works on Taaraka:

All you have to do is; just enter their relation and birth details, and with a blink, you have their profiles ready with life insights curated exclusively for them.

We’ve also extended our existing Wallet and Ask a Question features for these new profiles that you create. (Go Ahead, add your daughter’s or say dad’s profile and know about their life insights, maybe even ask a question that you have been concerned from long).

Ask a question – mostly asked questions at your fingertips

With the overwhelming response of Ask a Question features and encouraging feedbacks to improve, we are also launching a redesigned version.

Sometimes we have a lot of questions in our mind, but writing them down with an actual intent to ask can be a daunting task. 

Taaraka now provides a whole bunch of possible/prospective questions under various ‘areas of life’ such as health, wealth, career, business and many more, to guide you in framing the right question to ask our Astro Scientists.

Just to assure you, with our redesigned Ask a Question Feature, no compromises shall be made in any ways in terms of handling your queries.

Download the Taaraka App: https://taarakatech.app.link/C21xQeBF9X

Check out our elegant design and easy to use screens to make the best use of our ‘Question & Answer’ feature.
We understand Knowing about future or believing in predictions, has always been an area with a set of believers and non-believers and Taaraka is an amalgamation of Astrological Knowledge with the strength of technology. 

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