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The Qualities of an Astrologer

Vedic astrology has been always kept in high pedestal and an astrologer are even called “daivagya” meaning knower of ways of God or the Cosmos. The astrologers are known to be trikalgya meaning knower of all three parts of the time, past, present, and future. As said, “Great power comes with great responsibility”, so the person endowed with such power must have some responsibility. Responsibility and power could be judged by rules and regulations in respect of the duty and standards to be maintained by such a person. 

Astrologers are no exception and they must have certain qualities to be qualified as true astrologers. Ancient sages have clearly made those qualifications and rules to be followed by an astrologer and those who practice Astrology without them can be anything but not the true astrologer.

Maharishi Parashar in his monumental work on Astrology, “Brihat Parashar Hora Shashtra” followed by most of the Vedic astrologers, has provided qualities of astrologer in shlokas 39 and 40 of chapter 27.

गणितेषु प्रवीणो यः शब्दशास्त्रे कृतश्रमः ।
न्यायविद् बुद्धिमान् देशदिक्कालज्ञो जितेन्द्रियः॥

ऊहापोहपटुर्होरास्कन्धश्रवणसम्मतः ।
मैत्रेय सत्यतां यादि तस्य वाक्यं न संशयः॥

O Maitreya, the words of one who is skilled  in mathematics, who has put in industrious efforts in linguistics, who has knowledge of justice, who has wisdom, who has knowledge of geography, direction and time, who has conquered his senses, who is logical and who has studied astrology, will doubtless be truthful.

An astrologer must have achieved supreme skills in Mathematics. The mathematics is the basis of all the calculations and without knowledge of the movement of planets and other calculations, one cannot get the right horoscope. Mathematical ability becomes supremely important.

An astrologer must know what to speak, how to speak and what not to speak. Linguistic ability is another important quality for any good astrologer. Otherwise what he will speak and what native will understand leads to disastrous results. 

To understand the basis of action and result is important to ascertain the real meaning provided by the placement of planets in a Horoscope. Knowledge of Nyaya Shastra is very critical, as, without Karma theory and the natural justice system of cosmos or God, one will not be able to pinpoint the effect. Horoscope if a blueprint of native’s actions and results, one must be well versed with universal laws of justice to understand it. 

Wisdom is another quality should be possessed by an astrologer and this needs no introduction, as a daivagya (astrologer) must be able to decipher the true meaning of the universe. 

True predictions cannot be made without the use of geography, direction, and time, which must be seen in entirety to predict. Persons from different places and times will have different life trajectory and without the inclusion of these aspects counted, an astrologer will not be able to advise and understand the life path of the individual truly. 

When one is interested in an individual, he will be disturbed by emotional turbulence and his prediction will fail. Having conquered his own senses is a must for the astrologer, else he will predict with a bias.

Translating mathematical calculations of horoscopes into the predictions requires a logical bent of mind, and an astrologer must have logical ability to deduce the complex knowledge of astrology into simple predictions, understood by a native.

At last the criteria provided is what everyone actually acts upon, which is the study of Jataka Sastra (Astrology).

Do you want to become a true astrologer and not the one who is just a marketing guy having some knowledge of astrology? You must acquire all the above qualities. If you are going to take a piece of advice from an astrologer, see if they possess these qualities.


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